Tegware Bagel, iPhone case with Boogie Board LCD eWriter


Fun doodling, anytime anywhere

Jot down anything.

Erase it for another go.


You are free to jot down just about anything.  Tegware Bagel 360 and Tegware Bagel 6 will make doodling your favorite pastime.  Tegware Bagel is so easy to use.  You can scribble anything and erase instantly with the simple push of a button.

The compact case, Tegware Bagel 360, adds almost no extra weight or bulk to your phone.  This case packs the convenience of a notepad into a package you already carry with you.

If you're one of those people who can't seem to get by without pen and paper, you'll love the feel of our elegant, ergonomically designed stylus and e-jot board.


Ultimate natural

handwriting experience


Enjoy the ultimate natural handwriting experience.  Tegware Bagel provides the world's best natural handwriting experience closely resembling pen and paper, nothing like writing on smartphone or e-ink LCD.   


Just flip it open,

it is ready to go.


All you need to do is slide out the stylus and start writing.  There is nothing to turn on, no manual to read.  Write down a phone number, a cool idea while on the street, or important appointments not to miss.  It is simply ready at all times. It is always ready to go just like pen and paper. 

With Tegware Bagel, there is no more waiting for you phone to power on just to jot down a quick note.  And don't worry about the battery.  A single, non-replaceable battery lasts for an incredible 50,000 erases.

Just jot, draw or write.  Young and old and everyone in between will find it intuitive and super easy to use.  Once you start using your Tegware Bagel, you'll find so many more ways to enjoy it.  Unleash your inner creativity with the power of the blank page (or, rather, blank screen).


Create, capture, and share

Expand your creativity!

  • Microsoft Office Lens
  • Adobe Shape CC
  • Evernote

Expand your creativity with these great applications.

Simply take pictures of doodling, notes, ideas, or drawings you like with your iPhone and you can convert images into vector, pdf, Words and PowerPoint files.

It's simple to share ideas with clients and colleagues. Email, text, or post on SNS digitized drawings from the apps or even save them to Microsoft Onenote.

"Just start sketching or writing brilliant ideas instantly and snap a picture for later."


World Class

Extensive R&D led us to design a case that provides you with both style and comfort in a compact package.  The materials were chosen with care to create a tactile experience you will love.

Protection & Robustness like nothing else.  Tegware Bagel 6 and Tegware Bagel 360 have both gone through the toughest set of tests to ensure their reliability and robustness.

We picked the most durable materials to withstand physical shocks and tough elements without compromising elegant style.  Using our finest craftsmanship, we paid utmost attention to complete phone protection and access to all controls without hindrance.

Furthermore, Tegware Bagel 6 and Tegware Bagel 360 are RoHS certified for using non-toxic, environment-friendly materials along with CE, FCC, VCCI, KC certificates that show world class features and quality.


Uncompromised design

Tegware Bagel: It's easy, stylish, convenient, and fun.