Your phone case gotta be smarter..

Finally, iPhone users now have an iPhone case that befits the high quality of their devices. The Tegware Bagel is an innovative case that also comes with a Boogie Board™ LCD eWriter where users can note down important reminders or just doodle using a stylus. The Tegware Bagel is also very easy to use, and you can write anything you want and instantly erase it by just pressing a button.

The advantage of using the Tegware Bagel is that it does not add any substantial weight to your phone or make it bulky. The case has the usability of the regular memo pads packed in an easy to use iPhone case. People who like noting down reminders or those who like having their notepads with them will enjoy the ergonomically designed and elegant Boogie Board™ in the Tegware Bagel.

The Boogie Board LCD eWriter included in this iPhone case offers the world’s best natural handwriting experience. Actually, you may not even realize that you are using the LCD screen to write as the experience is so smooth, and it replicates normal pen and paper writing in every single way. So, the Tegware Bagel removes the need to carry around your pen or notepad as you can easily write on the Boogie Board using the stylus.

The ease of use of the Tegware Bagel is one of the major reasons why it has been very popular with iPhone uses. All you have to do once you buy it from Amazon is slide out the stylus and start writing. There is no manual or anything you need to read before using this Boogie Board. Since you just need to flip the cover and start writing, there is no need of waiting for your iPhone to power up so as to write a quick note.

Tegware Bagel  is expected to last for an amazing 50,000 erases. In addition, erasing has been made very simple with a single press. Now you can easily use the Tegware Bagel to draw and create new ideas. Both the young and older generations will find using Tegware Bagel quite beneficial as there are numerous ways of enjoying it. This is a great way of testing your creativity and pushing yourself to create something amazing on the Boogie Board.

Besides offering an intuitive Boogie Board LCD eWriter, the Tegware Bagel also does its main job of protecting your iPhone effectively. The materials used to make the case were carefully chosen and tested to withstand tough elements and physical shocks without even compromising on the elegant style. Gets your Tegware Bagel Boogie Board iPhone Case today at or visit


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Posted on March 31, 2015 and filed under Gadget.