Tegware Bagel for iPhone 5/5S


Fun doodling, anytime

Jot down anything.

Erase it for another go.  

You are free to jot down just about anything. with Tegware Bagel, doodling will be your favorite pastime.  You can scribble anything and erase instantly with a simple push of button.  Ergonomically designed stylus is pleasant to hold and write.  You will feel like keep going. Don’t worry about the battery.  A single, non-replaceable battery lasts for incredible 50,000 erases.  It’s easy, comfortable and fun.

Introducing Tegware Bagel, iPhone 5/5S case with paperless jot board. Now, you can experience Boogie Board experiences in you palm. It has a built-in coin battery which will allow more than 50,000+ erases.