Designed to provide an uncompromised level of quality and craftsmanship, the Tegware Bagel 6 is a premium style iPhone 6/6S case with an e-Jot board that can be easily detached from and snapped onto the case.  

The sophisticated design of the Tegware Bagel 6  case also comes with a secure place to store your card and is made from high quality, water-repellent polyester to protect your iPhone from accidental spills and scratches. 



World Class 


Protection & Robustness like nothing else.  Tegware Bagel has gone through the toughest set of tests to make sure its reliability and robustness.  It passed over 50,000 times of erases under extreme conditions.

From polyester fabric to polycarbonate casing, we picked the most durable materials to withstand physical shocks and tough elements while not compromising its elegant styles.  Using our finest craftsmanship, we paid utmost attention to complete phone protection and access to all controls without hindering.

Furthermore, Tegware Bagel is ROHS certified for using non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials along with CE, FCC, VCCI, KC certificates that world class features and quality.