Wire Factory, Inc. 

101 California St. Suite 2710

San Francisco, CA 94111 



Founded in 2013, Wire Factory is a lifestyle accessory maker with a mission to create fun hybrid inTEGrated products by combining multiple technologies. By observing ordinary objects with extraordinary eyes, Wire Factory creates products that are unique yet familiar to everyday users. Tegware Bagel is simple but lifestyle changing product for those who want to make a smarter choice. Wire Factory is privately held, co-founded by a few ex-Nokia executives and headquartered in San Francisco.

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Tegware - Smarter Lifestyle

The brand, Tegware, distills Wire Factory’s vision to make people's lifestyle smarter by integrating related technologies. Just like we carefully extract the essence of existing technologies to create building blocks for a new category of products, we extracted "Teg" from the word "integration". Ware is our ingredient as well as creation. As true innovation comes from a perfect marriage between hardware and software, Tegware thrives for a perfect balance between them. Tegware is the integration of essences of innovative hardware and software technologies.

Tegware products go beyond technical ware integration to connect family, friends and people. Fun to share, easy to learn and joyful to use will bring people together in having a really good time!

We all are inseparable from our precious nature and environment. Tegware products strive to its outmost to leverage reusable, energy-efficient and natural materials. Using a Tegware product should make a small contribution in improving our common situation.

And that is a smarter lifestyle that Tegware promises!