1.  Who are we?

Wire Factory, Inc., a San Francisco based startup with co-founders from companies like Frog Design, Microsoft, Nokia, Blackberry, and others.  Tegware Bagel is only the first of many products that may come from Wire Factory as we focus on enabling the smarter lifestyle - accessories that make life easier.  

2. What is Tegware?

Tegware is our brand.  Tegware distills Wire Factory's vision to make people's lifestyle smarter by integrating related technologies.  Just like we carefully extract the essence of existing technologies to create building blocks for a new category of products, we extracted "TEG" from the word "inTEGration".   "WARE" is our ingredient as well as creation. 

3. How does the e-jot board work? 

Tegware Bagel uses a pressure-sensitive LCD featuring the BoogieBoard™ LCD eWriter Technology. You can control the thickness of the line as your write and it feels just like pen and paper. You can find more information about BoogieBoard™ LCD eWriter Technology through the link below. 


4. Do I need a stylus to write on the board? 

You can basically use anything to jot on the e-jot board, including your finger unless it's too sharp. Tegware Bagel's ergonomically designed stylus will help you to write or draw with the utmost comfort. 

5. How do I erase e-jot board? 

Simply push the erase button, the e-jot board screen will be refreshed to a blank screen, ready to use again. 

6. What are my color options ? 

Tegware Bagel 360 has five colors: 

  • Silver 
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Pink

 Tegware Bagel 6 has three colors: 

  • Black
  • Blue 
  • Pink

7. What's the shipping cost?

The most of countries listed we charge $10 USD flat per order.

8.  If I place an order, when can I expect to receive it?

 The products will be shipping from Korea, and we believe that shipping should take about one to two weeks to most locations.  Of course, depending on your location, your order may arrive faster or slower, so this is just our best estimate.

9. What's the difference between the Tegware Bagel 360 and Tegware Bagel 6?

Tegware Bagel 360 is a sleek and stylish iPhone 6/6S folder style case with a detachable hinge. The Patent-pending detachable hinge feature allows you to easily detach and attach the e-jot board.

Tegware Bagel 6 is diary style iPhone 6/6S case with a removable e-jot board.   Tegware Bagel 6 also provides a card slot for carrying card (ex, id card, credit card etc.) 

Both Tegware Bagel 360 and Tegware Bagel 6 use the same e-jot circuit components and same size battery. 

10. How long does the battery last and how do I charge it? 

You don't need to charge Tegware Bagel. Tegware Bagel does not consume power during writing. It only uses an extremely small amount of battery while erasing the screen. We adopted a Panasonic-made built-in coin battery (CR1616) for reliability. The battery lasts over 50,000 erases and is non-replaceable.  

11. How can I save my picture? 

Saving or connecting with iPhone is not available. You can take a picture with your phone's camera to save a drawing on the screen of the e-jot board. With the pictures taken, we recommend trying Adobe Shape CC app for iOS to get the outline of your drawing. You can find more information about Adobe Shape CC on below links.



12. Do you have any other Tegware Bagel models other than iPhone 6? 

We have considered creating an iPhone 6 plus model once we successfully launch Tegware Bagel 360 and Tegware Bagel 6. 

13. Why's the name Bagel?

Cause we love coffee and bagels in the morning : )  

Enjoy Tegware Bagel with your iPhone 6/6S !